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The Use of Technology in Music Making Does it make us lazy or help us improve

By: Benzi Thee Founder & CEO, OMB guitars.

The use of technology in music-making has been a hotly debated topic for years. Some argue that technology makes us lazy and takes away from the authenticity of music-making, while others believe that technology can help us improve our skills and open up new avenues for creativity and expression.

One of the most significant advantages of technology in music-making is its ability to make music accessible to everyone, regardless of their previous musical experience. Technology can help people discover and develop their musical abilities, allowing them to experiment with different sounds and create their own unique compositions.



omb The Use of Technology in Music Making Does it make us lazy or help us improve.


Digital audio workstations

In recent years, digital audio workstations (DAWs) have become a popular tool for music producers and artists. These software programs allow users to record, edit, and mix music on their computers, without the need for expensive equipment or a professional recording studio. DAWs have revolutionized the music-making process, making it more accessible and affordable for aspiring musicians.

However, some argue that technology has made us lazy and takes away from the authenticity of music-making. Critics argue that relying on technology to create music takes away from the human element of music and reduces the value of live performances. They argue that technology has made it too easy for anyone to create music, leading to a saturation of mediocre music flooding the market.

While there is some truth to these arguments, it is important to remember that technology is only a tool. Like any tool, it can be used for good or bad. The true value of technology in music-making lies in how it is used.


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The world of AI

As we are heading into a new world full of  AI , Machine Learning and other frightening words, where it’s hard to imagine how new technologies will affect our music making , creation and performance, allow me to share my personal experience, hoping to encourage you to fear not –  gain courage, dive into the new adventure that is heading towards us, learn it and welcome it.

Being a young child in the 80s forced to take piano lessons that I just couldn’t get into, I struggled to enjoy the instrument and couldn’t seem to make any headway. That is until I saw my friend playing a Casio keyboard, and my whole world changed.

I was in awe of how my friend could produce a full orchestra with just a simple press of a button. Determined to learn more, I went home and begged my parents to buy me one. They were skeptical at first, thinking that learning a digital instrument could never be as good as a traditional one. But, after numerous requests and persistent efforts, they finally relented and bought me a keyboard.

After 5 years of piano lessons, the day I got this keyboard was the day I started to learn music. For the first time, I was able to explore music-making in a way that was engaging and enjoyable. With no teacher and just by playing around, I finally understood music, fell in love with it and grow to be an accomplished musician.

What started as mere curiosity turned into a passion for music-making. I found myself playing and experimenting with the keyboard for hours on end, gaining confidence in my skills and even showing off my creations to others. The digital instrument allowed me to understand the different nuances of music, such as how brass instruments, strings, and keys should sound and when to add them to create the desired effect.

But the real surprise came when I returned to the piano a few years later. I found that I was not only able to play with more confidence and skill, but became a very good pianist, able to play any genre in any key with ease. I had gained a new appreciation for music and an understanding of how it worked, something that would not have been possible without the help of technology.

Our goal at OMB is to allow those opportunities, excitement, creativity, playability and an indirect intuitive teacher to all other instruments.

Allow the good to become better. Improve and use technology to elevate you as a person and as a musician.