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Posted by OMB Guitars on Monday, August 14, 2017

What is the OMB Guitar?
OMB technology converts your guitar playing to MIDI signals with no latency. The software can change your guitar into any MIDI instrument from our vast library, or any other software \ App you choose to work with .If you’d rather play the guitar, OMB will accompany you with a full band that tracks your playing in real-time. We created a standalone guitar (an electric and an acoustic model), and an upgrade kit, that converts your own guitar into an OMB Guitar!

How is OMB different from Other Products? (Like from Roland G-/ Digitech Trio/Les Paul Recorder/Variax/Boss SY-300/ Fishman Triple Play)
OMB converts your guitar playing to MIDI signals with no latency and doesn’t disturb or change the original sound of your guitar, it adds another rich dimension to your playing, OMB could also accompany you with a full band that tracks your playing in real-time.

Can OMB keep up with fast music like Black Metal?

Is there a possibility to cancel, change or upgrade my purchase for OMB on Kickstarter? And if so – how?
Since the Kickstarter campaign is over – There is not a possibility to change or upgrade your purchase. If you have a payment issue, please address it to the Kickstarter support.

Is there a possibility to cancel, change or upgrade my purchase for OMB on Indiegogo? And if so – how?

The refund request is performed by the backer and directly with Indiegogo. How’s it done? 1.  Through the confirmation email, Through each backer’s account – Here is a step by step explanationץ Please check out this Indiegogo FAQ for more information.

How do I change My delivery address? For Kickstarter or Indiegogo.
All backers will get an email asking them to assure the information we have. In that form there would be an option to change address, as well as type of guitar (electric \ acoustic) –  left \ right and much more! Stay tuned!

Is there an availability to purchase a left handed guitar?

Will the kit work on a left handed guitar?

Is the product suitable for a 12 string guitar?
Sorry, at this point – no.

When are we to expect a bass guitar product at OMB?
Sorry – We can’t promise a specific time. But it’s always on our minds.

Will the kit work on an electric and an acoustic guitar?
The kit works on any guitar with metal strings! Remember:
A.The metal strings can’t be coded with any polymer material (Most strings aren’t).
B. We would advertise a list of strings that include a special coding (by D’addario, Martin and others) for better a performance!
C. If you own a unique shape guitars, please make sure there is enough room behind the bridge to mount the add on.

Will there be guitar color and style options? And Will there be another backer questionnaire for specifying options soon?
We will post all options of color, shape and more when we finalize those details with the manufacturer, expected in June, 2018. And yes, another questionnaire for specifications is coming soon!

When will the OMB app be available?
We hope to have the App available a few weeks prior to the delivery (Starting September 2018) – so you would have a chance to play with it and learn it by the time the guitar gets to you!

Is there a list of what instruments and styles will be available in the app?
Not yet, we lot of new instruments and styles every month! So if you can find a favorite when we launch – It will 100% be there later on.

Wait! I have more questions!

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  1. Christian Reply

    What do I need to do,to fix it onmy acoustic guitar? Could not find anything except the wording that I will not destroy my guitar…

  2. Devin Reply

    Hello. I noticed that this can emulate other instruments. Are saxophone, koto, and shamisen emulations in the works?


    It would help immensely to see a video of the process to install the OMB on an existing guitar. Right now I’m torn between which guitar to put it on; I certainly don’t want to de-value a Martin acoustic in any way, but that’s the one I play the most. Also, is there some way to swap it over to another guitar?

  4. Steve Reply

    Would it work with a capo

  5. Steve Reply

    any chance you would do a cutaway acoustic guitar

  6. B, Brown Reply

    Why do we have to use your acoustic guitar pins ? Hope I read the instructions right, also how soon can I expect the upgrade kit to arrive in UK ?

  7. Cameron Reply

    How much does the upgrade kit cost and do you ship internationally?

  8. Louis Reply

    Is it possible to mount the OMB on guitars with a Floyd Rose Tremolo?

  9. Daphne Gilpin Reply

    I like how you said that you should make sure there’s enough room behind the bridge to mount the add-on, especially if the guitar has a unique shape. My son plays bass guitar and I’ve been interested in learning more about the different add-ons out there that he could play around with in his music. I’m glad I read your article because I learned some valuable tips to help attach the add-ons correctly.

  10. Carlos sanchez Reply

    price and where to order please?

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