One Man Band

One Man Band


How does this work?

OMB one-man-band allows you to control a full-size virtual band to any style or genre right in your pocket, ready to follow whatever chord you play in real-time without any perceived latency.
OMB’s patented technology provides an outstanding experience and expands the guitarists capabilities, creating the next step in the evolution of guitars while staying true to the essence of the guitar playing experience. Using it feels natural and creative, there is no learning curve – just pick it up and play.

Users can choose the rhythm and genre they want to play with, such as Rock, Pop, Salsa, and more and control the band in real-time

Play different solo sounds i.e. violin, sax, organs, vocals, synth, from your iPad/iPhone, DAW or favorite keyboard.

OMB technology turns guitars into real time controllers to “predict” and activate the backup band

OMB’s has 3 granted patents – US and International covering the current technology

Awarded by MusicRadar – Best Guitar Innovation – NAMM 2018
Awarded by MusicRadarBest Guitar Innovation
NAMM 2018

OMB - Your Personal Band

All you need to know about OMB

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omb The Use of Technology in Music Making Does it make us lazy or help us improve.

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The PRS SE Standard 24-08 Electric guitar with OMB tech, will take your playing experience to a whole new level of fun, challenge your imagination and develop your creativity as a musician.

Original price was: $1,483.Current price is: $1,349.
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The ALVAREZ Acoustic Guitar (with Alvarez original case) is perfect for advanced guitar players that want to Improve their playing techniques. OMB lets the player lead an entire band and control all the elements in the band.

Original price was: $1,549.Current price is: $1,394.
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OMB tech mounted on the Core-OC Spruce acoustic guitar, will take your playing experience to a whole new level of fun, challenge your imagination and develop your creativity as a musician.

Original price was: $999.Current price is: $799.
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The OMB foot pedal connects to the OMB and the Xmure app via Bluetooth, enabling you to control almost any feature on the app completely hands-free. Adjustable height, so you can set it at a comfortable angle. Super useful, whether you’re recording or playing for an audience.

Original price was: $399.Current price is: $359.

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Frequently Asked Questions

OMB is suitable for all levels – beginners, midrange and performers.

The OMB guitar is designed as an out of the box solution and it is easy to start enjoying the band accompaniments. When receiving it, you will need to go through a short learning curve, watch the tutorials, and mainly learn the basic options the app offers.
As any other musical instrument, the more you dive into it, learn and try, the more possibilities will open.

All you need is an iPad / iPhone and you’re ready to start.

The OMB guitar is just like any other guitar, you connect it to the amp through the ¼ inch jack. It can also be used as a regular guitar.
The digital virtual band accompaniment comes out of the app. Use the headphone jack on your mobile device or iPad to connect it to an amp/speaker (Regular ⅛ inch aux cable).
If your device doesn’t have a headphone jack, use a converter dongle from the charging port to the headphone jack.
This way you get 2 channels, one for the guitar and one for the digital accompaniment and can reach a perfect balance.

You can download the Xmure app here: Link
1) Tap the icon on the top right
2) Tap the wagon cart
3) You can now scroll down through the different styles/genres and listen to a demo of each one.

OMB does not teach how to play, it enhances your playing, adding fun and creativity! Beginners gain immediate gratification and sense of accomplishment. Mid-level players get a better understanding on how a song is built and an amazing practicing experience. Pros can use it live or in the studio.

The OMB guitar can connect to any Midi software, DAW, Midi keyboard or app and control them.
If our OMB or Xmure App are not enough for your professional needs, we recommend connecting the guitar to an external module such as Ketron.
We have a collaboration with one of the best companies in the world for sound arrangers and as an OMB user you can get special discounts on those products.

Feel free to check them out: Sound modules on the OMB Shop

Most users of any level are happy with the options the app provides. If that is not enough for your professional needs, you can consider working with an external module such as Ketron: Sound modules on the OMB Shop

30 days money back guarantee for kits and pedals
14 days money back guarantee for guitars
Check out our full policy here – OMB Shop Terms & Conditions

The installation is simple, any professional installer in your area can easily do the installation.

On most acoustic and electric guitars.

Absolutely! If you have experience in installation and soldering, you are welcome to do it yourself: OMB Video Tutorials