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PRS 24 Electric Guitar with OMB tech

The PRS electric guitar

The PRS Standard 24 is a high-quality electric guitar from Paul Reed Smith, a leading manufacturer of guitars and other musical instruments. The Standard 24 is a versatile instrument that is suitable for a wide range of musical styles, from rock and blues to jazz and metal.

One of the key features of the PRS Standard 24 is its comfortable, ergonomic design. The guitar has a contoured mahogany body and a 24-fret mahogany neck with a rosewood fingerboard, providing a comfortable playing experience that is perfect for extended sessions. The guitar also features a set of PRS-designed humbucking pickups, which provide a rich, warm tone that is ideal for a wide range of musical styles.

The PRS Electric guitars with OMB
The PRS Electric guitars with OMB

In addition to its comfortable design and great tone, the PRS Standard 24 also offers a range of impressive features that make it a versatile and adaptable instrument. The guitar has a double-cutaway design that provides easy access to the upper frets, making it perfect for playing complex solos and fast-paced riffs. The guitar also has a 3-way pickup selector switch and a PRS tremolo bridge, which allows for smooth, expressive vibrato effects.

The PRS Electric guitars with OMB tech

The PRS Electric guitars with OMB tech is perfect for advanced guitar players that want to improve their playing techniques. OMB lets the player lead an entire band and control all the elements in the band. OMB is perfect for creating music, songwriters and musicians who love to play with a band.

The PRS Electric guitar with OMB tech, will take your playing experience to a whole new level of fun, challenge your imagination and develop your creativity as a musician.

With the OMB tech you can enjoy the accompaniment of a full size virtual band, following your chord progression in real time without changing the way you play and your original guitar sound. You can control all parts of the band – style, mix, tempo, drum fill, record and more while you are playing. You could also play different solo sounds i.e. violin, sax, organs, vocals, synth, from your iPad /iPhone, DAW or favorite keyboard.

Overall, the PRS Standard 24 is an excellent choice for musicians who want a high-quality electric guitar that can handle a wide range of musical styles. Its comfortable design, great tone, and versatile features make it an ideal instrument for both beginners and experienced players alike.