Q&A 2022: Everything you Wanted to Know About OMB Guitars

OMB Guitars

OMB developed a new and revolutionary technology, that uses unique hardware and software to enable musicians of all styles and levels to skyrocket their playing experience. Our products enable musicians to have a great-sounding virtual band that follows their playing in realtime.

What level is OMB guitars suitable for?

OMB is suitable for all levels – beginners to performers.

How complicated is it to start playing with OMB guitars?

There is no learning curve, it’s just an out-of-the-box solution and the app is super easy to operate.

What do I need besides buying an OMB guitar to get started?

All you need is an iPad / iPhone and you’re ready to start.

How do I connect the OMB to the amplifier?

From the earphone jack of the iPad / iPhone to an Amp.

Where can I hear the styles in the Xmure app?

You can download the Xmure app here: Link

Does OMB teach you to play the guitar?

OMB does not teach how to play but gives you a better understanding on how a song is built and an amazing practicing experience.

Do you have customer videos?

Sure! here’s a link: Play OMB

What solution does OMB have for those who perform?

We have a collaboration with one of the best companies in the world for sound arrangers – the arranger gives you the best sounds in the world for a virtual band.

Do you need the SOUND MODEL to work with OMB?

NO, you can start with your iPad / iPhone and add the sound model later.

Do you have any customers who perform with OMB live?

Sure! here’s a link: Play OMB