Special Update: Welcome to the OMB Blog

Welcome to the OMB Blog

Dear Guitarists, Backers and Supporters!

Introducing: The OMB Guitars Blog! From now on we will update regularly and provide 100% pure and awesome musical content!

We’re happy to say that OMB’s experience at NAMM was larger than life. It was truly exciting meeting talented guitarists trying out the product and feeling great and innovative with it. Wish we could have stream our entire time at the convection.

How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

Posted by OMB Guitars on Tuesday, March 13, 2018


As we type these words, the OMB team is making its way to California for another adventure which you will soon hear a lot about. All of the items will make their way into production very soon and will probably be shipped to you starting September and until the end of the year. We remind you all that we are LIVE on Indiegogo and you can get whatever OMB package you desire!

Questions? Thoughts? Hit us on our Facebook Page!

Rock and Roll to All,

The OMB team.

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  1. Barry marshall Reply

    Can,t wait

  2. SCHLOSSER Reply

    Hi, I am french so my english is a little bad, please don’t be to hard…
    I have a question : is it possible to get a second electronic part (the one for the neck) because I have a lot of guitars and if I want to play with, for example a electric guitar and after with an folk guitar that will be better to prepare the necks and only to have to plug the module in one or the other guitar ?

    Thank you so much

    best regards

    Pierre Schlosser

  3. Sandybali Reply

    Hello, can I ask where is OMB on ground address please?

  4. BARRY BROWN Reply


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