Introducing: Wireless OMB Midi Guitar

Dear Kickstarter Backers,

I would like to start by thanking you personally for supporting OMB. By doing so, not only did you help us get closer to fulfilling our dream, you set the cornerstone and lit the sparks to our path, showing us there is a need, a demand, a thirst for us as musicians to grow, expand, be creative and think out of the box.

Your initiative and action, comments, thoughts, questions, following us on Facebook, and of course your money opened those doors not just for you – our early backers, but for everyone that are going to enjoy OMB technologies, generations from now.

As you can all imagine, manufacturing is a lengthy process and requires full coordination of all the people involved in the process – engineers, R&D, design, electronic manufacture, plastic manufacture, boxing, fulfillment and much more.

Since launching our Kickstarter campaign, our amazing team has been working around the clock to assure everything is going to be ready on time to ship in September. There are always unexpected obstacles on the way and we made sure we are ready to address them immediately when they occur.

3 Months ago the R&D made a huge and unexpected progress, originally planned for later development, a year from now. They made OMB work via Bluetooth and battery with the same “no latency” parameters as the cable connection has. This was an incredible turnout, knowing all of you we’ll be able to work with NO CABLES attached!

My immediate response was that this will be an incredible surprise for our backers, to be able to play, work, and have fun with no cables attached.

Yet, there are still two problems that we need to overcome:

1. BOM (Bill of materials) cost is 30% more.

2. We need to change the entire PC board which unfortunately takes time.

As for number 1, my decision is that we treat our early backers as family and they deserve to get the best product we have. Besides – it wouldn’t be fair to release a better version only a few months after they got theirs.

As for number 2, we started manufacturing the new board and purchased the new components. We are doing our best to still hit our goal of September shipment. If there are additional unexpected delays, I would like to give a heads up that shipping might be delayed by no more than a month or two.

We are making our best effort to deliver as soon as possible. We ask for your forgiveness and patience in case there is a small delay. We are sure that you are going to be so much happier with this addition and agree that it was worth the wait.

BTW – we also added the ability to update the Firmware directly from your computer, so upgrades and updates will be simply one click away.

Sincerely yours,

Benzi Thee