Use Calibration to let the OMB App identify the frets so it can interpret where your fingers push down on the strings.

Calibration is used every time you change your guitar strings.

J While you can sync your guitar by bridging strings with your first finger, it is much easier to use a capo.

Follow the instructions below to use Calibration in the Settings menu to calibrate your guitar. Make sure that your OMB-powered guitar is on and linked to the OMB App.

First, tap Calibration from the Settings menu. The Guitar Sync window displays a representation of a guitar neck to guide you through the calibration process.

Guitar Sync Window
1 Tap Start.
2 The first fret turn red…
3 …and the Start button begins to blink.
4 Put a capo on the guitar to bridge the first fret of your guitar. When the first fret has been calibrated it turns green.
5 The calibrated fret returns to its original color and the next fret turns red. Place the capo on that fret until it turns green.
6 Continue this process until you complete the 12th fret like marked on the screen.
7 A new screen will appear with 6 lines, representing the 6 strings of the guitar:
Please put the guitar lying down on a table and press the thick E on the 5th fret (as marked in yellow on the screen), so the string touches the fret.
Left handed guitar - make sure you are set for left hand in settings and start with the thin E) the line should turn green.
8 After the first string is calibrated, the second string will show a red line:

- Press that string against the 5th fret so it turns green
- Please do that to all 6 strings following the guidance on the screen

9 When you complete all 6 strings - you will see no more red or green lines - you are set to go!