What Gets Us All So Excited About Our Guitar?

OMB Built-in Acoustic Guitar

Hey you fellow guitarist, this is El from OMB GUITARS.

What it is it that gets us all so excited about our guitar? Our gear, our sound?

We invest so much thought and emotion on the look of the guitar, the strap, the cable the pick and that is even before talking about guitar quality and of course the amp.

These are all important things but I’d say for me, above all, it’s simply to play and enjoy the music. Whether it is playing lead guitar, chords, improvising or following tabs, I’m addicted to the sound and energy. The thrill that catches me when I successfully hit the right note, the song I’ve been working on so hard, the feeling when it all falls into place is beyond words.

OMB midi guitars developed a technology that challenges our musical imagination and takes our abilities and technique to a new level. When using the OMB technology, you will add another dimension to your playing. Whether you are using it to add a virtual band or to play solo with violin sounds (or other instruments), that digital dimension will trigger your imagination, enhance your performance capabilities and make your music richer and your spirit much higher.

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