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OMB Acoustic Guitar, will take your playing experience to a whole new level of fun, challenge your imagination and develop your creativity as a musician.

With the OMB tech you can enjoy the accompaniment of a full size virtual band, following your chord progression in real time without changing the way you play and your original guitar sound.

You can control all parts of the band – style, mix, tempo, drum fill, record and more while you are playing.
You could also play different solo sounds i.e. violin, sax, organs, vocals, synth, from your iPad /iPhone, DAW or favourite keyboard.

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Mahogany, Matt Black

The Guitar

Model: Solid top Acoustic Guitar
Color: Matt Black/Natural
Tuners(CR): DER JUNG DJ-345C-D4
Fingerboard: Artificial wood with 2pcs copper strips
Saddle: BONE
Body: All mahogany, solid mahogany top
EQ: Fhishman OEM-ISY-501 with EJ-9
Binding: Black and bronze ABS
Pickguard: none
PINS: Pearl BK
Strings: D’addario NB1253

The OMB Tech

Our exclusive, patented tech that creates an instant, virtual backing band!

  • Follows your chord progressions in real time
  • No effect on the guitar’s original output or sound
  • Control easily all parts of the band – Style, mix, tempo, drum fills and much more
  • Record your playback band with one click
  • Smooth connection to our mobile app and all bluetooth operated devices

1 review for PRE ORDER: OMB Acoustic Pro Guitar + OMB TECH

  1. Ric Bauer

    Working with the OMB Acoustic for several months now. I’d give OMB an OMG! As a hyper-learning tool, and confidence builder, it is superb. Instead of just hearing YOUR music in your head, this device is a quantum-field “facilitator”, and as such, it quite successfully and seamlessly marries your musical imagination with your ability, wherever you are on your path to improved and effortless execution. With this device, you will begin to finally hear, dance with, and enjoy the music of your soul. The only difficult part, is putting your guitar down, after being comfortably lost in the endless caverns of composing that reside deep within your Being. If you play, or have ever dreamed of playing, simply . . . get the OMB. (Acoustic or Electric!) You won’t be disappointed.”

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