If you are just starting to learn to play the guitar or already know some chords, OMB is perfect for you. Learning and practicing using OMB guitars is a fun experience, a sense of satisfaction from the first moment and a better understanding of music. Anyone who already knows 3-4 chords can easily play with OMB and lead an entire band. All you need is an iPhone / iPad and you can enjoy an exciting practice experience.

You can pay in up to 10 monthly installments!

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100% free worldwide shipping on all our guitars & OMB pedal.


OMB guitarists are everywhere! We’ve collected amazing videos from around the world! Watch them in action! Share your own videos with us and get featured! Email us at [email protected]


Everything you Wanted to Know About OMB Guitars
OMB is perfect for your level and will give you the best practicing experience in the world.

There is no learning curve, it’s just an out-of-the-box solution and the app is super easy to operate.

All you need is an iPad / iPhone and you’re ready to start.

From the earphone jack of the iPad / iPhone to an Amp.

You can download the Xmure app here: Link

OMB does not teach how to play but gives you a better understanding on how a song is built and an amazing practicing experience.

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