OMB Q&A: Everything You Need to Know

Where can I purchase OMB items?

All OMB items are available on Backerkit. Shipping worldwide.

Where can I download the OMB App?

The OMB app is available on Google Play (Mobile only) and the App Store. For now, there is no windows version available to download.

Notice: Make sure you have the latest Android Update (Android 8 Minimum) and keep in mind that the Android version is yet to include our TAB mode. Until it’s available you can only play chords with our guitar and kit or a keyboard (TAB mode coming soon).

Where will there be more downloaded styles on the OMB App?

We are updating the app with new styles every month.

Where do i find OMB tutorials and user guides?

Our detailed user guide for all OMB items is right here and you can follow OMB tutorial videos on our official YouTube channel.

Something is not right with the OMB pedal – I can’t make it work – what do I do?

Make sure you press the OMB pedal with your foot – not with your hands, also try closing the OMB app and coming back again. You can also follow instructions right here.

Where can I follow OMB updates?

On Kickstarter and on our Facebook Page, if you backed OMB on Kickstarter or Indiegogo, you will receive updates straight to your inbox. We update constantly on development, fulfillment and shipping.

Where can report issues and bugs?

Email or

I’ve purchased OMB items but I want to change my shipping address – what do I do?

Email our Shipping manager Nina – – and she’ll help.

I’ve purchased OMB items but i’d like to upgrade my order – what do I do?

Email our shipping manager Nina – – and she’ll help.

What is the latest update regarding shipping?

To date around 400 backers have already received the OMB pedals to their homes via DHL.

What about the rest of the shipment and what is causing delays?

When we receive estimated shipping dates from our manufacturers, we truly believed we are going to make it. Unfortunately, many things in the very complex process of manufacturing, are not up to us: 3rd party manufacturers have not delivered on time and many more. We truly apologize for the ongoing delays and we want you to know that we have nothing else to do with all the 4000 electric PCB’s, plastic packaging, boxes, batteries, cables, string, and other parts not mentioning 1300 specially customized guitars other than sending them to you and to make you guys happy.

We spent 5 years of R&D, close to $3M devoted our professional and personal life in order to get to this moment. We promise – Shipping of all remaining OMB items will start very soon, we are very sorry we can not give you an exact date yet.

I have a problem regarding tax and vat with my shipping – What do I do?

Each country has its own tax laws on shipping and unfortunately, it’s not up to us. Some don’t charge at all, some charge over a certain cost. For most of you, there should be no extra Tax / VAT on the built-in OMB guitars. If you want to consult us, email or

Thank you for all your support!

The OMB Team

9 Responses
  1. Marijus Reply

    Something’s wrong with android app – it is not opening on Android 8.10 version on Lenovo tablet. Any ideas?

  2. Jim Constantin Reply

    Any chance I will ever see product I backed???

  3. Jim Constantin Reply

    Are you still collecting money from backers???

  4. David McCarthy Reply

    If you buy a built-in OMB pre-installed acoustic-electric guitar, do you need to plug in into your amp to hear the sounds of the OMB band backing tracks or does it have its own speaker?

  5. Carlos Alberto Perez Alfaro Reply

    What happens with my order already paid
    I write from Malmoe – Sweden

  6. Karn Broad Reply

    If you are looking at this, definitely go for something with it built in. The upgrade kit is nowhere near as simple to install as they make out (I’ve been doing guitar repairs for roughly 30 years). Not that I had the funds to choose otherwise, but I wish I had been able to choose.

  7. Gary Pirro Reply

    July 2019 is upon us…
    Still no OMB guitar…
    I am very sad…

  8. Rivka Morris Reply

    We received our OMB guitar today!!!!! So exciting!
    Due to our lack of an amplifier, I used ‘cast my audio’ from my phone to our google assistant and it worked great!

  9. James Logan Reply

    I received my OMB acoustic guitar today. I’m excited to try it out.

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