The OMB Upgrade Kit

The OMB Upgrade Kit is for those guitarists who want to use OMB but love their own guitars too much to play any other. The OMB Upgrade Kit works on most electric and acoustic guitars with steel strings.

Installing the OMB Upgrade Kit is not very complicated, but it still has to be done correctly, and in the right order. But we've tried to make everything clear and simple.

The OMB Upgrade Kit, and all OMB-powered guitars, can be switched to right-handed fingering by single setting in the OMB App, so no special hardware adjustments are required during installation. See Settings for more information.

Almost everything you need is included in the OMB Upgrade Kit. All you have to add is a soft cloth, a bit of your favorite guitar cleaning solution, and about thirty minutes.

Oh—and one more thing: a soldering iron that can be adjusted to 660 °F (350 °C).

If you’re not acquainted with the terms “cold joint,” or “insufficient wetting”—if you don’t own your own soldering iron—you might not want to experiment on your guitar for your first soldering project. So find an electronics-savvy friend, or a trusted guitar shop, to take care of this part of the installation for you.