Let’s Make Music with OMB

We at OMB have made a huge effort to lay the foundations for endless possibilities for all of us: musicians and guitarists. From now on we invite you to give free rein to your imagination and let OMB help you take your guitar to places you’ve never been before.

We encourage you to play with your new OMB device, have fun with it, explore its possibilities—find the right way for you, as an individual, or as a band member, to use it, and to discover what, what we at OMB have not yet found out for ourselves.

We’d like to say that the sky is the limit, and we’re working, all the time, to get there. In the meantime, let us know where you’ve tried to go that we didn’t even think about. Share with us what you think would make your OMB experience just that much better. Whether you have a problem, an improvement we might make, or an idea for an amazing new feature, let’s work together to make it happen.

When connecting to the OMB App, you will notice that each sound reacts differently: some shorter, some longer, some with a built-in latency, some lightning quick. We urge you to approach these sounds with an open mind, and let yourself immerse yourself with a creative musical sensitivity. See where these new sounds and styles take you. Let yourself be led by your imagination—don’t be afraid, don’t be shy. Let your creativity guide you toward new horizons.

Enough talk. Now let’s make music. So here goes:

1 Download and install the OMB App according to your device:
2 Power-Up Your OMB Guitar.
3 Go to Bluetooth Pairing
J You may use a C-type USB cable to connect your OMB guitar to the device where the OMB App is installed if you prefer not to use Bluetooth.
4 Go to Settings if you are a right-handed guitar player.
5 Finish with Calibration.

And that’s enough to get you started. When you want to explore more features and possibilities, or have questions about how things work, dip back into this User Guide.