Bluetooth Pairing

With your OMB guitar on let’s pair it with your tablet’s Bluetooth.

J You may use a C-type USB cable to connect your OMB guitar to the device where the OMB App is installed if you prefer not to use Bluetooth.
Bluetooth Connections
1 Go to your device’s settings and enable Bluetooth if it is not already enabled.
2 When it finds OMB Guitar tap it and then tap Pair. The OMB Guitar is now shown as Connected.
OMB Bluetooth Connection
1 Launch the OMB app and open the menu popout.
2 Tap Bluetooth.
3 If the app doesn’t automatically connect your guitar, tap it to make the connection.
4 Return to the main screen. The guitar icon indicates successful pairing. To verify, form a chord or two and see how the app identifies your fingering.