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OMB enables guitarists to take their guitar playing to the next level with three game-changing features: auto-backup music in real-time, an instrument-swap mode, and a no-delay guitar-to-MIDI mode. It’s the missing link between guitars and seemingly magical technology, unleashing any guitarist’s sound—no matter the style.

We know: no one likes to read a user guide. So go ahead—jump in and start. We want you to start enjoying your OMB experience right away.

However, to enjoy yourself to the full, you might want to look through this guide to see if you missed anything, or if something we think is intuitively obvious is anything but. (Let us know; we’ll fix it.)

At the beginning of a section a short introduction discusses what is to be done, and it often includes an identification of parts. A list of the parts is shown with capital letters in triangles (A, B, C) keyed to the illustration below.

We hope that you'll be able to understand what to do just by looking at the illustrations. If some step isn’t clear, look at the written instructions, which are keyed to annotations in the illustration.

At last count, OMB enhances eight different types of guitars—and more coming. Thumbnail drawings indicate the location of parts or features where they might differ, on your guitar, from other models.